Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Gift of Life

Just like humans, dogs can become blood donors.

Veterinarians can give a blood transfusion to dogs to improve their health or to save their lives.

If you have been looking for a way to help the canine community, enrolling your dog in a blood donation program is one way.

What canine blood donations entails:

Blood donor candidates need a physical exam, blood work, and screening for several conditions. Blood type is also tested, to screen for potential incompatibility. Once your dog enters a blood donor program, these tests are often performed twice yearly, and typically at no cost to you.

Blood banks have specific requirements for a dog to donate. Once dogs qualify, they are enrolled in the donation program. When they come in, they receive a physical exam and a blood test to check their red blood cell count. The actual blood donation only takes a few minutes. Then comes the and treats! A dog can typically donated every two months, although this can vary with a dog's specific blood type and breed.

Enrolling in a canine blood donation program is a win-win situation. You and your dog receive some nice benefits, plus the satisfaction of knowing your dog will help save many lives over the years. One single donation can typically save the lives of four dogs!

Ask your veterinarian for information about the closest blood donation program.

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