Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Advocate" Button

Heartbreak, helplessness, and despair is what many animal lovers feel when they see a lonely pet at the animal shelter.

Ashley Owen Hill and Chris Hoar are on a mission to find stray dogs and cats forever homes. Together they founded Pet Pardons, a Facebook app that allows users to create online profiles for adoptable pets who are on death row or in no-kill shelters, and encourage adoption by clicking the "Advocate" button, which posts pet updates to their own wall.

The app helps shelter pets across the country gain exposure and offers a simple way for online animal lovers to connect and encourage adoption. Some users are willing to provide transportation from state to state, allowing people to adopt pets from hundreds of miles away.

The simple "Advocate" button is and easy way for users to spread the word and save the lives of thousands of shelter pets across the country. Over 3,000 pets have been placed thanks to the app.

Pet Pardons' ultimate goal is to end all euthanasia in American shelters by January 1, 2015!

To learn more, visit or check out the Pet Pardons page at

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