Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secrets of a Happy Dog

What is it that makes a dog a truly happy dog?


Secret # 1

Happiness is getting a move on. Just like people, dogs feel great when they are in good shape.

Secret # 2

Happiness is preventing health problems. Dog's cannot tell you when they do not feel well, so be preventative about health issues.

Secret # 3

Happiness is mental stimulation. Give your dog plenty of opportunities to meet new people and dogs. Let your dog solve puzzles. Take your dog out in nature to sniff.

Secret # 4

Happiness is the right foods in the right amounts. Choose a well-known dog food, and do not overfeed your dog with too many treats or snacks between meals.

Secret # 5

All you need is love. Most dogs love to be petted; at least five minutes a day.

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