Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funny Videos of
Dogs in Halloween Costumes

I could not resist sharing these funny videos of dogs in Halloween costumes.

Ghost Dogs

Halloween Trick

Halloween Costumes?

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Dog Halloween Costumes

Pet owners can be very creative when it comes to dog Halloween costumes.

Here are some I came across. Hope you enjoy!

My favorite is Bat Man Dog :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet the World's Oldest Dog;
145 Years Old

A new World's Oldest Dog has been named by Guinness World Records and it's Otto, a dachshund-terrier mixed dog who lives in England. Otto is 20 years and 8 months old. His owner, Lynn Jones of Shrewsbury, England has had Otto since he was six weeks old.

Though nearly 21 with a touch of arthritis, Otto "doesn't really like walkies any more," Lynn remarks. "He gets about ten yards down the road then looks back over his shoulder as if to say 'I want to go home.' [But] he can still jump all over people when they come round."

What is Otto's secret to longevity? Lynn says,"Plenty of love, plenty of good food and regular check-ups at the vets."

Meet Otto

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Teacup" Pets

"Teacup" Dogs (also known as Toy Dogs) have gotten quite popular in the past few years.

Not only have they become well-liked pets, they also seem to have become fashionable sidekicks. These miniature dogs are in high demand, and typically they are even more expensive than full-sized dogs.

People have gone "Teacup" crazy ... to the point where "Teacup" pets are spreading to other animal species. Teacup Pigs are the latest craze spreading worldwide.

Like Toy Dogs, Toy Pigs (also called Micro Pigs) are much smaller than full-grown pigs - they weigh only about 9 ounces when they are born - and at an average cost of $1,100, they are more expensive than full-grown pigs.

There's been lots of controversy around Teacup Pets primarily because their teeny, tiny size is outside of the norm. Some people believe their small size makes them cute and cuddly, while others believe it's because they're sick, premature, starved or over bred.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dog Fur Clothes

I came across a very interesting article this week that talked about a growing trend among dog owners ... wearing clothing made from their dog's fur! I was astonished to see just how many dog owners have had sweaters and coats spun like lamb's wool from their dogs!

The trend is called Canine Couture. Two women in Germany and England have made a business out of using fur and hair from very posh pets to create equally posh sweaters, scarves, gloves, coats, hats and wraps for their owners!

It turns out that dog fur has been used in clothing for quite some time now, often times without people even knowing it. In fact, an investigation by the Humane Society of the United States a few years ago revealed that some of the biggest names in fashion sold garments made of dog fur over the Internet and mislabeled it as "faux" or from another species. This furry fashion trend has been, without a doubt, a very controversial issue - particularly among animal activists. In fact, a new fur labeling law was introduced into Congress because of it.

So what do you think? Do you see it as a harmless fashion trend where owners just want to look like their dogs, or is it unethical? Would you wear clothing made from your dog's fur?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why do Dogs Chew?

Is your dog a chewing bandit, chomping you out of house and home? When your shoes, furniture and clothing are all fair game for his teeth, it can be highly frustrating.

Dogs explore the world through their mouths - new objects, new places & new tastes.

Chewing also helps them relieve teething pains, tension and stress. There are also some instances where chewing could be a sign of mental or physical health issues including:

1. Boredom - chewing because there's nothing else to do
2. Poor nutrition - chewing on things to get lacking nutrients
3. Separation anxiety/feeling alone - chewing for comfort
4. Gum or tooth problems - continuously chewing on hard objects

In other instances chewing is quite normal. Dogs who chew significantly more than others are what many call Aggressive Chewers. What makes a dog an aggressive chewer? Here are some guidelines:

1. Destroys an appropriately-sized rawhide in less than an hour
2. Shreds the typical vinyl toy in minutes
3. Toys quickly turn into piles of frayed and tangled threads
4. You feel you'll never get your money's worth out of a toy before it's time to throw it away

Establishing good chewing habits is truly our responsibility as pet owners. Aggressive Chewers will continue to chew inappropriate things until you teach them right from wrong.

Be selective in what you give your dog to chew - start out by only giving your dog proper chew toys. Giving your dog an old shoe to chew teaches him that all shoes are made for chewing.

Dog owners of Aggressive Chewers need the toughest dog toys on the market. Tough toys allow them to exercise their natural chewing instincts and train them on what to chew and not to chew. With an Aggressive Chewer, chances are no dog toy will last forever, but they can still benefit from a tough toy that lasts longer than most.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Dogs Think About Halloween

If dogs could talk this is what they hate about Halloween........

"That darn doorbell rings and rings. My owners answer it and then it rings again. I get excited, I bark and they yell at me. I don't get it."

Scary Costumes
"Ugly, evil-looking things come to the door, and for some strange reason my owners smile and give them things. I don't know what they get, but I'm sure it's tasty. The whole ritual is scary and just plain weird. Why do they do that? If I did something like that they would haul me off to the "funny farm"."

Screaming Kids
"As if the noise and the costumes aren't bad enough, there are all those screaming kids to contend with. Screaming children chanting little rhymes that only a mother could love. Like I said, I just don't get it."

No Treats for Me
"On top of it all, there is an abundance of candy going from hand to hand ... chocolate, candy bars and goodies that make a real dog drool. But I don't get any. None. Stingy people."

They Ignore ME
"There I am - barking and doing my dog thing - but no one pays any attention to me. I try to join in on the fun but they keep telling me to go away. With all these new people here at this Halloween party, a dog has lots of important sniffing to do. I need to get to know these people to make sure they are safe for my family to be around."

Weird Music and Sounds
"People play the most ridiculous music - it makes me want to howl."

Jack-O-Lanterns and Candles
"There are weird shadows on the walls and an eerie ambiance of ghostliness ... it would not surprise me if Casper came flying out of the wall and said "boo"!"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

With Halloween just around the corner, many dog owners are gearing up to dress themselves, their children, their homes and their dogs in Halloween attire. Holidays are always fun - especially Halloween - and we like including our pets in the fun festivities because they truly are part of our family.

But do our dogs really enjoy wearing those funny Halloween costumes? Well, this can all depend on so many things, including their temperament and the type of costume you choose.

Check out this dog in costume!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New England

I just returned from "peeping"* in New England.

In the middle of my adventure on the East Coast, I received a dream where my dog, Ebony, lavished me with affection. A woman on a bike had the leash around Ebony and they were obviously out for a run/ride. She said to me, "We didn't know you would be back so soon."

It was an interesting snippet of a dream and felt so real. Was I time traveling? Or was it a communication from my dog that she misses me? She was sending her love.

Enjoy the fall colors......

* "peeping" is a New Englander's term for driving around looking at the beautiful fall color of leaves.