Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watercolor "Pet of the Week"

Graphic designer, Matt Tames helps homeless pets by creating pet portraits weekly and posting them on the Internet.

Since February of 2010, he has created a watercolor "Pet of the Week" to help bring attention to the problem of unwanted pets and to try to find a home for each of his subjects.

He believes that if he captured a picture of the animal looking happy or having a good time, that maybe people would be more inclined to adopt an animal in need.

He e-mails local animal shelters or searches on Petfinder.com for a dog, and sometimes a cat, to paint and posts it on his website.

Matt donates 20 percent of each 8" by 10" print to an animal charity and links to the animal's profile online. Some of the dogs have been adopted!

Be sure to check out Matt's website.

Here is a photo of my dog, Ebony.
This is a watercolor version done in PhotoShop.

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