Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Barking Violates Nuisance Laws

How do you know if your dog is disturbing neighbors?

Although your dog may be on your property, if her barking disturbs others in your general vicinity, you may be in violation of either a general nuisance, noise, or a specific dog disturbance ordinance.

If a neighbor complains about your dog barking, an animal control officer may issue a warning. Fines may be imposed for repeat violations.

The conflict arises when neighbors' definitions of "loud or persistent" vary.An owner may think his dog's occasional barking is tolerable, or even beneficial as a warning, but a neighbor may contend the continued noise disturbs his comfort or sleep.

Typically, a reasonableness standard is applied. Some municipalities attempt to define "persistent." Tulsa, Oklahoma, defines barking repetitively for over 10 minutes as a nuisance.

What is the standard where you live?

Have you thought about a No-Bark Collar?

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