Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Speak or Sing

Encouraging your dog to bark or howl is easy.

How do you do it on command?

Dogs often respond to the sound of barking by issuing their own woofs. The same is true of howling. When dogs hear howling or sirens or other high-pitched sounds, many dogs try to sing along.

To teach speak or sing, have plenty of treats ready for both you and your dog.

1. Look at your dog and say, "Speak!" Then make a barking sound and pop a treat into your mouth.

2. Repeat your verbal cue, and bark. After some repetitions, your dog will make some sound; a whine, huff, or woof. Any sound counts. Say, "Yes!" and give your dog a treat.

3. When your dog catches on, it will bark when you say, "Speak," and will not wait for you to park.

4. Teach "Sing," the same way, but make a howling sound instead of barking.

Once your dog knows Speak or Sing, teach your dog to stop on cue.

1. Get your dog barking or howling, then say, "Hush!" and toss a small handful of treats in your dog's direction so they hit the floor and scatter. The dog will stop to eat the treats.

2. When you notice your dog stopping as soon as it hears your cue, quit throwing treats on the floor and just hand them to your dog.

Once your dog learns this trick, you can also use it to quiet the dog when barking or howling on its own.

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