Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rally Sport

No not cars, but with dogs!

In 2005, the American Kennel Club incorporated the sport of rally into its title competitions and has become extremely popular.

Rally is a series of 15 to 20 numbered stations, each with a sign and picture showing the obedience exercise you and your dog do at that station. The exercises incorporate heeling maneuvers, basic stays, and come.

It is said that rally proves easier than formal obedience because owners can communicate with their dogs, which is against the rules in formal obedience. Though exercises must be performed correctly, rally judges look for spirited cooperation between owner and dog over absolute accuracy. Timing is used only to break a tie score; the quickest time in a tie wins. In addition, the handler must concentrate on going to the next station correctly and not get lost in the course.

It is a great opportunity to develop a bond with your dog.

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