Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dog Shades

They may look like an accessory, but sunglasses do more than make you dog look stylish.

Sunglasses have long been used to protect search and rescue dogs' eyes from smoke, fumes, and debris, but owners of nonworking dogs have come to recognize the need of canine eye protection.

Dogs that spend lots of time in the sun, wind, or sandy beaches; those with sensitive eyes; or dogs recovering from eye conditions have found comfort and protection with dog sunglasses.

Doggie sunglasses look more like stylish sports goggles than human glasses. The right fit is crucial in getting your dog to accept them. If you cannot find a store where your dog can try on a pair, find a website that enables you to print out a mock pair of glasses to help with sizing (

How to select the right sunglasses for your dog:

1. Look for lenses that are shatterproof, anti-fog, and offer UV protection.
2. The strap should be comfortable and adjustable.
3. The cup of each eyepiece should rest comfortably over each eye and be deep enough to accommodate eyes that protrude.
4. Color and frame design is up to you and your dog!

Do not just slip the sunglasses on your dog's head and expect your dog to adjust immediately. It takes some getting use to them. Never try them on indoors as your dog will not be able to see in the dark. Take your dog outside and let her sniff them. Then gently slide them on, carefully adjusting the fit. Offer a treat or two and casually walk around. If your dog is uneasy, take them off and repeat the process the next day, until your dog becomes comfortable.

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