Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dogs and Snowballs

Kids and dogs know how to take advantage of a good snow fall.

Here in Olympia, Washington, we recently experienced well over a foot of snow. It overwhelmed our city which does not have the necessary amount of equipment to handle snow. Many people were without power for days and crews from all over came to help.

Here is a toy for dogs who cannot get enough snowball play. It is a snowball that lasts through the seasons. Dogs can chase it through the snowdrifts and never have it disintegrate in its mouth!

The Orbee Snowball has a fresh minty taste and smell. I wonder if it gets rid of "doggie breath"?

This chew toy is one of the most popular products from Planet Dog. (They donate 2% of every sale to worthy charities.) It is recyclable and durable.

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