Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Camp for Owners and Dogs

Across the nation, outdoor adventures for both owners and their dogs are gaining popularity.

There is the choice between day and overnight camps, and each varies in scope. Some camps offer a sport or training-specific agenda, some run the gamut of canine fun, and others provide a place where guests can plan their own retreat.

Day camps tend to provide a jam-packed day of dog/owner activities which include a mix of sports and activities such as a canine first aid seminar, reading canine body language, managing canine stress, or something not tried before - such as, treibball, lure coursing, or canine freestyle.

Owners who are after more activities can seek out an overnight dog camp, usually planned around a one-week stay in a dorm or cabin. Dog/owner pairs can choose from a variety of dog-friendly events. Depending on the camp, sessions cover sports, training, and enrichment; activities such as paw-painting and leash making; and hikes and evening campfires. Human meals are usually included, but owners typically bring their dog's own food to avoid a change of diet.

A big draw to camp is the freedom of letting your dog be off leash. Camp provides a safe place for dogs, and there are no issues with people, so it becomes a haven of fun, comfort and excitement. It is fun to watch dogs unwind.

Here is a place to start your search for a dog camp.

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