Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuning Into Your Dog

Some people think animals can read our minds. What happens when you begin to put your shoes on? Is it a habitual pattern that your dog has learned, or is it that your dog has read your mind that you want to go for a walk?

Can you read your dog's mind? Pet psychics insist the answer is yes - with gradual work and practice. The work requires that you tune into your dog.

Try sitting with your pet and observe her from head-to-paw. Fix your eyes on her, homing in on her deepest feelings and thoughts. It is important to notice your pet's facial expressions and body language, for pet psychics believe that it's the beginning of communication. Stay open and quiet to receive thoughts, feelings and pictures that come from the animal.

Try gently to reach out and ask your pet a simple question in your head. Just observe your pet's answer, and be detached from the outcome. Set aside time each day to tune in and communicate; another chance to spend quality time with your pet.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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