Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dogs in the Classroom

Rylee's Kids

Members of Rylee's Kids at Crestview Heights School in Waldport, Oregon, know how much fun animals can be. That's because one of the members of their class is furry and four-legged!

The kids' teacher, Mr. Bodle, feels that having a classroom canine companion is good for his students. "When Rylee is around kids, he's so polite. Everyone loves him," says Mr. Bodle. "And, after spending time with Rylee, the kids have a more caring attitude."

We'd have to agree. Getting to know Rylee has definitely made the kids want to help other animals!

One Penny At a Time

For the past five years, Rylee's Kids have held multiple fundraisers—including a penny collection to help animals left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Recently, they focused their efforts on helping an organization called Helping Animals Live On (HALO). To collect donations from the community, the students created papier-mache piggy banks. After painting and decorating the banks, the kids placed them in area stores and businesses.

"Businesses love having the piggy banks," says Mr. Bodle. And their customers must love them too because the fundraiser was a big success! The kids raised $538 to help pay for food and veterinary care for rescued animals.

Rylee's Kids are really awesome!

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  1. I just learned from Jayme that the Superintendent of the school attempted to disallow Rylee from going to school anymore because he's not a delta dog or service dog, he's just a country dog. With some fighting on the Principal's and her dad's part, Rylee is now allowed back in the classroom. It took only a week to see the demeanor in the classroom change to more of a depressed tone and the children lost their ability to concentrate during the absence of thier furry friend...not to mention the depressed dog her dad came home to..