Monday, March 16, 2009

Snow again!

Spring time and it is snowing! Not a favorite subject here in Washington.

Why is it that the first thing Golden Retrievers do when they race outdoors after a snowfall is to rolling in it? Anyone out there know?

Having my life blessed with a dog of this breed, I am familiar with their love to roll in stuff (mostly stinky). Snow seems to be a favorite as I have witnessed other Golden Retrievers partaking in such fun. I pet sat a Golden who behaved in this manner, and my son's Golden does too. Not only do they love to roll in the snow, but Goldens seem to enjoy snow as much as children.

Unfortunately, if they spend too long playing in the snow, they get serious frozen snowballs between their toes because the snow collects in their long fir. That's when you must convince the dog to come inside to thaw.

No hot chocolate for them!

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