Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Your Dog a Chewer?

Does your dog LOVE to chew? Most dogs do.

If you don't give your dog his own personal things to chew, he will be forced to satisfy his natural instincts by chewing the things around him. And trust me, he will find plenty of things that are pleasing to chew ... mine chewed the molding on the door frame!

Yes, dogs love to chew. It can be a very soothing activity that brings your dog a lot of comfort ... or a very dangerous one that threatens his very life. You can't change your dog's biology. The fact is, he's driven to chew.

What can you do?

Well, to begin with you can make the activity safe for him (and easier on you) by getting him his very own chew toy.

Every dog needs a great chew toy. It can bring your playful pup tons of fun! A good chew toy will satisfy his natural urge to chew, help keep his life interesting and keep him contentedly entertained for hours on end. It can also help break your dog of those destructive chewing behaviors.

Check out this new chew toy called "Bottle Cruncher" I found on the internet.

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