Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dog's Best Friend is an........Elephant!

I came across this story and wanted to share....

There is an elephant sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee where elephants are sent when they retire.

When they get there, they search out another elephant, one that they relate to and have something in common. Once they chose their special partner, they spend most of their time together. They are best friends!

This is true for every elephant except for Tara. Tara's best friend is.... a stray dog named Bella.

No, not kidding. This actually happened and below is the link to the video to prove it.

This is truly an unusual story, but things get even more interesting when Bella (the dog) suffers a spinal cord injury and lays motionless for 3 weeks. This is when we discover that Tara (the elephant) really cares about Bella.

I won't tell you what happened, you have to see it for yourself. Take a minute to check out this video. Click here

Two VERY different animals that can look past their differences and become friends, why can't we?

Something to think about...

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