Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Traveler

Ebony and I enjoy morning walks, or sometimes I skate, on the Chehalis Western Trail in Olympia Washington.

It is one of Washington's "rail-trails," public-access trails built on abandoned railroad rights-of-way. They provide recreational opportunities for a wide range of nonmotorized uses, more than any other kind of trail. They preserve unique greenspace, contributing to the green aesthetic that is so much a part of the natural beauty of Washington State. They also keep alive the last vestiges of railroad history in a more visible and active way than the few remaining steam engines displayed at local parks. Rail-trails provide a connection between public parks and open space in a way roads can never achieve.

Besides, they are fabulous places to skate, and meet interesting people!

Meet Jim and his dog Brandy. Brandy is seven years old and one of those cute, little shaggy dogs whose name I can never remember. Help me out here, someone.... Jim told me that he purchased the basket that Brandy rides in when he was in Holland. They have been riding together for several years.

Ebony, Jim, and Brandy

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