Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lightning & Thunder

I manage to stay oblivious to the weather except when I am traveling. This morning I noticed it was cloudy as oppose to yesterday's sunny start.

The Chehalis Western Trail was very quiet and I only passed a few regular walkers with their dogs. I thought about us die-hards.

I heard a rumble off in the distance and wondered if this were why very few were out on the trail considering it was a weekend. A few raindrops fell, but it felt warm and I love the smells.

Next thing I know there is lightning and thunder not far away. Ebony and I increased our speed as I was determined to do our seven miles. I am glad that Ebony is not the kind of dog that reacts to noises in phobic ways. As the rain began, the next thing I knew there was a lightning strike in the trees on our left side and a LOUD boom to our right. Ebony looked to me for comfort and reassurance. I could not believe I was out skating in the lightning and thunder! There were a couple more strikes and booms as we high tailed it down the trail. As I past the other travelers in the storm we exchanged "Oh my gosh, I can't believe....." expressions and comments on how close the lightning was as we hurried down the trail.

Soaking wet and at the car, I thought what an incredible experience! Not many venture out in a lightning and thunder storm, but a few of us have stories to tell!

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