Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Noise

How did your dog fare the fireworks?

Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Many dogs are. The loud noise of fireworks can send these dogs into a state of panic. Some dogs have even had seizures during fireworks.

The combination of loud noises and bright lights can scare dogs, even those that don't normally have a history of noise phobias. Lots of dogs have phobias, and the most common dog phobia is fear of noises.

My previous dog, Lacey was a Golden Retriever. A very good natured dog who was extremely afraid of loud noises. We happened to live next door to a marksman who would occasionally do target practice in his backyard. Unfortunately, we never knew when he would do this. At the first sound of gunshot I would raced to find Lacey. If I did not get to her in time, she bolted. It was a good thing she had tags on her collar because whoever found her gave me a call. It was amazing how many miles she ran!

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