Sunday, May 24, 2009

City Dog and Country Dog

Today Ebony and I took a walk along the beach of Budd Inlet in Olympia, Washington. Brian and Jayme along with their dogs, Brinkley and Ginger, joined us.

We saw an array of wildlife! Jayme screamed when she was squirted by the oysters hiding in the mud. We found starfish, live sand dollars, large snails, and saw blue herons.

But their city dogs were not use to the rough surface of the shells along the beach. It must be similar to getting one's feet toughened going barefoot in early summer. Both Brinkley's and Ginger's pads had to be doctored when we got home. Ebony came away without any cuts to her pads. Guess the country dog is more conditioned to uneven surfaces whereas the city dogs are use to grass and sidewalks.

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