Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Observations on the Trail

This morning my dog, Ebony, and I went on the Chehalis Western Trail; I was on skates and Ebony ran beside me. It was a gorgeous morning and we saw and met an array of people.

Here are some of my observations:

Firstly, people are very friendly; everyone I passed said "hello" or "good morning" to me. I met two little girls about 5 and 7 years old on bicycles who each greeted me with "good morning!" Dad was riding behind them with his ear to the cell phone.

I passed a gentleman who was riding his bicycle and in the front basket of his bike was his dog. Dr. Jon would probably not approve of this combination. He believes skating or biking with a dog is too dangerous for both pet and pet owner.

I received several comments about my weird skates as well as my method of exercise which is typical when I skate with my dog. One lady commented, "That's the easy way!" I have no idea how she believed that what I was doing was easy or that my dog was not working hard to keep pace.

I was sitting on the bench near the pond observing the wildlife and Ebony was lying at my feet. A husband and wife each walking a daschund passed by. The woman complained she had the wrong breed. I think she really meant that she wished her dogs would behave.

People say the strangest things!

Ebony on the Chehalis Western Trail, Olympia Washington

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