Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dog Intelligence

Measuring dog intelligence is like measuring human intelligence. They all have talents in different areas and may score differently on IQ tests. Bloodhounds may not do very well at herding sheep but, on the other hand, Border Collies may not excel at tracking scents.

We usually agree that a dog who masters obedience and tricks is intelligent. However, dogs who do not cooperate well with training may not be stupid. They may simply have the intelligence to think for themselves and prefer to do things their way which may not be the same as your way.

How smart is your dog? Joy Butler has some simple and fun ways to measure your dog’s intelligence.

Throw a towel over your dog’s head and time how long it takes him to free himself. An average may be 15 to 20 seconds.

Place three paper cups upside down on the floor, three feet apart. Allow your dog to see you place a tasty treat under one of them. Turn him in a circle twice or lead him into another room for about 30 seconds and then see if he can go to the right cup the first time.

Place a flat yummy treat just under the edge of the sofa. Time how long it takes him to get it out. An average may be around 60 seconds.

Take your dog outside the yard on a long leash and walk along the fence several feet from the gate which you will leave open. Toss a treat over the fence. See if he figures out to go back around through the gate to get the treat.

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