Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tattling on My Dog

Have you ever received the phone call about your dog misbehaving?

I have recently, twice!

My dog happens to like to get in the compost..........and literally, get in. Ebony thinks moldy old food is yummy. We put wire fencing on the ground under the compost bin to keep her from digging underneath. A cinder block is used to keep her from opening the trapdoor meant for shoveling out the decomposed compost. The lid will lock if you remember to do it. Between my neighbors and I in the course of a couple of years we managed to fill the compost bin. Neither of us are too disciplined to turn the compost. We decided it might be a good idea to let the compost do its thing and buy a second bin.

The Master Gardeners of Thurston County sell compost bins and even deliver. We got a new one which stacks nicely together and makes it easy to turn the compost. It was working great. Then the first phone call.

"I believe Ebony is chewing the corners of the compost bin. I don't think our dog (who is twelve years old) would do such a thing."

Sure enough! The corners were chewed and my dog is a notorious chewer. I apologized and said I would watch her. But Ebony knows when I am gone and that Border Collie in her is always looking for something to do. Then the second phone call.

"I came home today and Ebony looked guilty. The compost bin is tipped over."

UGH! Garbage hound has struck again! I will be subjected to horrible farts this evening :(

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