Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's in a Name?

You have adopted a new dog, but the name just feels wrong.

Should you give your new friend a new name?

Why not? Dogs can learn to respond happily to any new sound that is associated with good things.

Other reasons to rename a dog include:

1. The dog does not connect with its current name. Sometimes at animal shelters or with rescue groups the dog has only had that name as long as it has been there and not very connected with the name.

2. The dog has a negative association with its current name. If the dog was treated badly in its prior home, or if the dog thinks he may be punished when he hears his name, it is better to give the dog a new name that has a positive association.

3. You just do not like the dog's current name. If that is so, then the name the dog came with will not be said in a very loving change it!

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