Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boredom in Dogs

What does a bored dog look like?

The dog might be pacing or panting, or they might even be drooling or whining. But more often than not, you do not know that your dog is bored until you have left him alone for awhile. That is when you come home to all kinds of things like shredded toilet paper, gnawed shoes, or savaging in cupboards.

Bored dogs often use their energy in less than desirable ways. Providing your dog with toys is a valuable way to keep them happy and stimulated. When dogs are presented with a challenge or a puzzle, they are often less likely to bark or chew inappropriately. We can all use some help with behavioral problems, right?!

Ways you can challenge your dog:

1. Play more often. When you tire your dog out they will have less extra energy to burn. It sounds simple, but if your schedule does not include daily playtime for your dog, try adding it in.

2. Find a game your dog loves. Dogs are like humans in that they have their own favorites, likes, and dislikes. Not all dogs like the same games and toys. Try experimenting to see what gets your dog excited and playing.

3. Challenge your dog with a toy. If regular balls and bones are not enough to keep your dog out of trouble, consider giving them a puzzle toy. While many toys are great for keeping dogs busy, sometimes your dog needs a little more stimulation or challenge. Now-a-days, there are many puzzle toys to choose from.

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