Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dogs Assist Shy Children

Does your quiet child need to build more confidence?

A dog might be helpful.

A dog is a natural icebreaker. People come over to interact with a dog which can help a child gain comfort in interacting in such situations.

Bring your dog along when picking up your child from school or other activities. Dogs always attract positive attention and your child will be the proud owner.

Other ways your dog can help a child:

1. Let your dog stand in as a peer and rehearse social situations that make your child anxious.

2. Give your child simple, dog-related chores which will help to build self-esteem.

3. Have your dog as the subject of school essays or projects to help your child feel more comfortable talking with the class.

4. If your child worries, let your dog be an example of a more carefree outlook on life. Dogs live for the moment.

5. Patience and support along with your dog helper will assist your child with social confidence.

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