Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shelter Birthday Parties

Forget about MacDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese!

One of the hottest places today to celebrate a child's birthday is at the animal shelter. Not only do you support a good cause, but it is lots of fun. Several shelters nationwide offer birthday parties for kids.

At the Longmont Humane Society in Colorado, a two-hour party, held in the community room, consists of animal-themed games, an animal-safety presentation, a visit from kid-friendly dogs, and a tour of the shelter. Each guest also receives a special goodie bag to take home. The donation for this much fun is $150.

Instead of gifts, some children ask their friends to bring something on the shelter's wish list. The parties bring people to the shelter who might not do so otherwise, and the best part is that some families even go home with a new pet.

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