Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Sport!


A sport new to the United States and quickly gaining popularity.

Treiball (pronounced, "Tryb-bal," which means "driving ball" in German)is a problem-solving game that keeps owner and dog thinking and moving together as a team. It is played with large, plastic balls.

The game begins when the handler sends the dog out into a playing field containing eight large colored balls. The dog has 10 minutes to roll the balls into a target in the order directed by the handler. It ends when the dog brings in all the balls and lies down or time runs out. In competition, the fastest dog-handler team with the fewest errors wins. Canine errors includes using paws or teeth to move the ball.

Any size dog or breed can play Treibball, but the dog should have, or be willing to develop, good listening skills. Because it does not need a wide-open field of a traditional herding course, it can be done in urban environments which has earned Treibball one of its many nicknames, "urban pool."

Because the sport is fairly new, you may not find a group in your area. You can still teach your dog the basics at home, referring to the association handbook for specifics found on the website.

If your dog craves physical activity and mental stimulation, and you would like to be a part of an up-and-coming trend, check out Treibball. Your dog may not be satisfied by chasing a tennis ball again!

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