Friday, December 16, 2011

Ebony Toy Test

Yes, Christmas time and time to spoil my dog.

Ebony loves soft, squeaky toys. But she destroys them. The last toy had "Chew Guard™" technology which claimed to be tougher, but Ebony had the stuffing out the next day. She still likes to play with the remains of the toy. In fact, I have seen at pet stores dog toys without stuffing.

The Kyjen Invincibles Snake claims to be a long-lasting toy and has no synthetic stuffing inside. It is filled with squeakers. The huge rectangular squeakers inside this toy make up its entire body. So if your dog bites through the toy, there is no stuffing to swallow. Unlike other squeaker toys, your dog can bite right through the Kyjen Invincibles Snake and the squeakers will still work.

These guys will show you......

I will let you know if it passes the Ebony Toy Test

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