Thursday, November 3, 2011

Traveling Together

Do you travel with your dog?

Take vacations together?

Here is one dog and human team that has been traveling together for nearly five years. Talk about bonding!

Ara Gureghian and his dog, Spirit have been traveling across America on a motorbike equipped with a special side car for his canine buddy. For this man and his best friend it is about the spiritual journey for there is no destination.

They like to travel slowing to take in all the sights. Ara has been posting stories and photographs about their travels on the Internet. His photography is awesome! Be sure to visit his website. You can also experience "the ride" as you watch the videos. The SPOT satellite tracker enables you to track their journey.

They seem to favor the big open spaces, the type of spectacular terrain found in Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. The last post was from Texas.

It sounds as if Ara and Spirit have developed a special relationship traveling the highways of America.

Dogs ready to travel:

See Spirit on the website.

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