Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Adopt A Senior Dog?

Yes, puppies are so cute, but another category of dogs can be just as darling; older dogs. In animal shelters, they often go ignored by potential future owners. Of course a senior dog is not going to live as long as a puppy, but she still has a lot of life to share.

Advantages of senior dog adoption:

1. Most senior dogs are house trained and obedience trained to at least a certain level, and do not need the intense socialization that puppies require.

2. It is obvious how big the dog is going to get.

3. Her temperament is known.

4. Depending on the dog's age, inherited diseases have probably surfaced.

5. Many older dogs are happy to set their pace to match yours.

6. They do not typically chew things.

7. Seniors' shorter expected life spans make sense for people whose kids are getting older and who are looking to a future with more travel in it.

8. Adopted older dogs are eternally grateful for the second chance.

A FEW disadvantages of senior dog adoption:

1. You will not get to live with your dog for the next 10-15 years (depending on breed).

2. A she ages further, she is likely to face senior-related health problems.

3. Mobility problems may arise. But as dogs' life spans have grown, so have available medications, treatments, and other tools to handle their health problems.

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