Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tracking Missing Pets

Kat Albrecht, a former police Bloodhound trainer and crime scene investigator, is teaching animal shelter volunteers how to find lost pets by using some of the same skills and tools employed by law enforcement in tracking down missing people.

The Shelter Pet Detective program at the Regional Animal Services of King County Shelter in Washington was started by Kat.

Helping owners find their lost pets is something most shelters do not aggressively or effectively do. Many pet owners give up hope due to lack of resources and support.

The pilot program was launched in July with about 35 volunteers trained to assist owners in finding their lost pets. Volunteers search the shelter for missing dogs by creating neon "lost pet" posters; use social media to broadcast lost pet information; and do physical searches armed with humane traps, DNA tests, and forensic tools.

Kat is trying to raise money to start the Shelter Pet Detective program in three other Washington state animal shelters and would like to see the program offered nationwide

For more information, visit the organization's website.

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