Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dogs and Baseball

Did you know that you can take your dog to the baseball game at several stadiums?

We missed the baseball season for this year, but that gives you time to find out about which stadiums in your area are dog friendly and when.

More than half of all Major League Baseball teams celebrate an annual event that allows fans to bring their dogs to the ballpark. These special events allow fans to sit with their dogs in a special section of the stadium and watch the game. All that is required to attend is a special ticket purchased in advance, and proof that your dog has a current vaccination record.

The fun is not limited to the stands. Many Major League Baseball dog day events include pre-game on-field parades, photo opportunities, contests, auctions, and special activities. Some events include prizes for best costume, best dog trick, and best smile. All these dog day events raise funds for local pet shelters and humane education programs.

Doggie-themed events have become increasingly popular over the years. The San Francisco Giants have held annual dog day events since 1996, longer than any other National League team.

Most teams have one annual dog celebration, but the Pittsburgh Pirates have more dog events than any other Major League Baseball team.

Owners can find events at stadiums across the country. Contact your local Major League Baseball team to find out what dog-friendly events are happening at the ballpark.

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