Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dog Etiquette

Wherever you go with your dog, remember you are a doggie ambassador. How you act with your dog not only affects others around you, but also how people think of dogs and dog owners in general.

Put your best foot and paw forward with dog etiquette:

1. Always clean up after your dog and abide by licensing and
leash laws.

2. Make sure your pet is a welcome guest. Call ahead to discuss
pet policies.

3. When visiting family and friends, if your dog ruins something in their home, offer to pay the repair fee or cleaning charge.

4. Only bring well-behaved, quiet dogs to outdoor restaurants. Dogs should be out of the way, such as lying underneath the table, so the wait staff and others can easily walk past.

5. When a repairman or other service provider makes a house call, crate your dog or put her in a room and shut the door. Some people are afraid of dogs or allergic to them.

6. Be a considerate neighbor by curtailing barking. Even hardened dog lovers are annoyed by constant yipping and yowling.

7. Do not allow your dog to roam freely. It is dangerous for you pet, plus it is disrespectful of other people who might be walking in your neighborhood.

8. Always ask permission before allowing your dog to greet another dog.

Being a doggie ambassador consists of combining dog training skills with common sense and basic good manners. Pet etiquette is practicing good behavior at both ends of the leash.

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