Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beach Time For Doggies

Here in the Pacific Northwest we were recently treated to two full days of SUNSHINE. I happened to select those two very days to visit the beach and Seabrook.


AND PERFECT, I might add.

Imagine days and days of rain, a decision to go to the beach, and presto! Sunshine and blue skies. Washingtonians would say, "It's a miracle!" Especially since the weather is back to rain once again.

Here is what a Washington beach looks like on a rare sunny day:

This is the beach at Seabrook, a lovely little beach town near Pacific Beach, Washington.

Wind swept trees looking North.....

Frost and Ebony

Ebony and her good buddy Frost, along with Frost's daughter, Bailey, ran the beaches to exhaustion. Frost and Bailey are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and are trained to hunt birds.

"They are on vacation," said Shelley, their master. Frost and Bailey taught Ebony the fine art of chasing shore birds.

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