Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pet Sitter Checklist

Next time you go on vacation and leave your dog with a pet sitter, here is a handy checklist to help you.

Type up a document that includes:

1. Your dog's diet and exercise habits
2. Nearby walking routes and parts, and best/worst times of day for each
3. Your dog's microchip information and veterinary phone numbers
4. Instructions for storing leftover canned food
5. Your contact information and a local emergency contact

Leave these things in plain sight:

1. Your dog's collar and leash (with an extra, if possible)
2. A flashlight for after-dark outings
3. Plenty of cleanup bags
4. Food a stored in a secure, dog-proof container or cupboard
5. A can opener, if needed

Do not forget to:

1. Tell your neighbors to expect to see the pet sitter coming and going. Optionally, give a trusted neighbor the pet sitter's number or a number where you can be reached, should they notice a problem.

2. Ask you pet sitter about her backup plans, in case she runs into an unexpected conflict.

3. Re-evaluate your home's dog-proofing; with extra time alone, you dog may find new things to explore.

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