Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anise Seed Works Like Catnip

Do you know that dogs react to anise seed in the same way cats react to catnip?

YES! Anise seed adds an intoxicating scent and when added to a homemade dog toy, instant addiction.

Try this:

Take an orphaned sock and stuff it with a plastic water bottle that makes great popping and crackling sounds when your dog plays with it. Add one or two ounces of anise seeds and knot or stitch up the end.

For the ultimate earth-friendly dog toy, sew a face on it.

Another thing this toy has going for it is that it is easy to refresh. If the bottle starts to break down from too much play, just untie the sock, pop in a fresh bottle, and add more anise seeds. If your dog chews the sock, find another sock without a mate. It is an irresistible and long lasting dog toy.

I bought something similar for Ebony made out of cloth but without the anise seeds. Now to try a homemade one with anise seeds.....

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