Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Videos on Puppy Training

What is the worst thing about owning a puppy? Well, for many new dog owners the answer is "training"

Some dogs can be difficult to train. It is really important for a dog to learn basic discipline early on. This will make the dog happy (because he needs to understand the rules). And it will make you, the pet owner, happy as your dog follows the rules that are so important to you.

Eukanuba has some very simple videos that will help you train your puppy. There is a very good episode called "basic discipline" that you should see. Go here and click on Tune in and Train.

All of the "courses" are short, friendly and informative. Check it out. They only take a few minutes.

There is also a segment on crate training and one on basic commands. Both of these are also worth watching.

Really, dogs and puppies are like kids. You need to provide love, good nutrition, a safe environment and establish some basic rules that both you and the dog can understand and consistently reinforce.

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