Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

How well do your know your dog? Really.

You know him well enough to know that those bacon flavor biscuits are his favorite. That worn out spot on the far end of the couch is his favorite place to sleep. You know that he seems genuinely pleased to see you when you get home from work each day. When he scratches at the door and gives you "the look", you definitely know it's time to get the leash. You know a lot about your dog. But do you know him well enough to make him really happy?

Yes, a dog needs a good bone, a soft bed and a loving companion to take care of him. But for a dog to be really happy, all those wonderful things simply aren't enough. He also needs to be interested, amused, entertained and challenged. A dog needs to have some fun to make him truly happy.

Yes, a dog needs to play. Playing makes a dog happy. Toys are important. Quality playtime with you is important, too. I'm sure you spend a lot of time playing with your dog, and you buy him toys that he can play with when you're not around. But do you buy him the right kind of toys to hold his interest? Do you do the right kind of activities with him to make him really happy?

All dogs are different. They have different styles of play. Some dogs like to play in many different ways while other dogs are only interested in one certain type of play.

Do you know what kind of play makes your dog happy?

Think about it. Some dogs won't fetch. They simply will not do it. Some dogs like to cuddle. Some love to tug. Some really get into a challenging toy that they have to "figure out" and some dogs just want a toy that squeaks. All dogs are different.

To make your dog really happy, you must understand how he likes to play. Then, you can buy him the kind of toys that will actually hold his interest and play the kind of games that will bring him real joy. Find out what stimulates your dog. Good satisfying play is important for a dog's mental and physical health. Engage your dog in the kind of play activities he loves and you will make him truly happy.

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