Friday, January 15, 2010

Pet Insurance Without Age Discrimination

Insurance doesn't help you if you can't get it especially for older dogs.

I found an answer - PurinaCare® pet health insurance. A website that allows consumers to review pet insurance companies - - currently has PurinaCare® pet health insurance rated 8.77 points out of a possible 10. Now here's the good news - there is no age limitation! PurinaCare offers policies to any pet, regardless of age or breed.

I was impressed with PurinaCare® for many reasons. Here are just a few:

1. Purina® is a name you can TRUST - it has been associated with high-quality pet care for more than 85 years.

2. Simple plan options - They tell you what they cover and what they don't.

3. Coverage for hereditary conditions - Certain breeds are more likely to have certain specific medical conditions. For example, Labs often get cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hip or elbow dysplasia. Yorkies often suffer from bronchitis, digestive disorders and spinal problems. If a condition is considered "hereditary" because it is commonly passed on through the gene pool of the breed, many insurance plans will not cover it - but PurinaCare will, as long as it is not present at the time of enrollment.

4. No benefits schedule for accidents and illnesses - this means there will be no preset cap on coverage for the treatment of certain surgeries or illnesses.

To me, these features are important options that every pet owner should consider when choosing a pet insurance plan. Find out for yourself by learning more at or by getting a free quote.

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