Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Balanced Life

Just like humans, animals need a certain "balance" in their lives. Again, just like us, pets can become easily stressed.

Our pets exhibit stress in various ways ... some are easy to see, while others can be a bit challenging to recognize. One way that you can help alleviate undue stress for your pets is to balance the play and relaxation in their lives.

Studies have shown that playing relaxing music for your pet can help decrease stress behaviors, especially when it is played following stressful situations.

According to Webster's Dictionary, "stress" is a constraining force or influence of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium. When you think about stress, it is important to remember that not all stress is considered "bad".

To help bring balance back to your pet's life, you can play relaxing music after you have finished a fun-filled play session. It will help bring your pet's heart rate back to a normal rhythm and alleviate tension in the body, just like it does for us.

Studies in shelters have shown that music helps relieve stress in dogs. In shelters, relaxing music was played after feeding and walking times. These are very exciting times in a shelter ... and you routinely see dogs jumping up and down, barking and getting very excited. When relaxing music was played after the tasks were completed, it was common to see the dogs sit down, relax and even curl up for a nap. This new routine has now been implemented within shelters across the nation.

A great music CD that can help soothe your pet's mood is the Music My Pet CD. It was specifically designed to calm pets, based on the results of those recent pet anxiety studies. The music on this CD uses only those sounds and instruments that were proven to relax pets. After playing with your pet you can turn on this great CD and both of you can relax. This CD is also quite helpful to calm pets during stressful situations, like when they are left home alone or during thunderstorms.

So remember, the less stress for you and your pet, the happier you both will be.

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