Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ultimate Fashion Statement for Dogs

Now you can dress up your dog with Earrings!

If pet owners wanted to dress their dogs up with some sparkly earrings, they don't necessarily have to commit to something as extreme as piercing the dogs' ears. I found a really a crazy new product from Bow Wow Bling called Earring Bling. That's right, these are doggy earrings! These earrings glue on to the dog's ears with a non-toxic glue that is perfectly safe for dogs.

Talk about the ultimate fashion statement.

So how do you put Earring Bling on your dog’s ears? It’s easy. A tube of Bling It On! glue quickly applies these earrings to your dog’s ears, safely and securely. This non-toxic, non-latex glue has been used by theatre make-up artists for years because it is safe to use directly on the skin, it’s quick-drying and it’s very easy to remove. It’s also safe for your dog’s skin and fur. The glue dries quickly, turning clear as it dries. It will shampoo out, or remove it with baby oil. Otherwise, the earrings will come off naturally in 2 to 3 weeks.

Check out Earring Bling.

It’s no big deal if your dog happens to lose one because you also get 4 spare earrings (1 in every color). And your dog can wear these cool earrings over and over again.

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