Monday, December 14, 2009

Dog Hair Similar to Magnets

Why is dog hair similar to magnets? Because it sticks to virtually everything!

As our dogs shed, it seems as if their loose hairs gently float off their bodies and magnetize to just about anything around them. It seems like our dog's hair sticks to even more objects than a magnet can!

Magnets do us some good when they bond, but dog hairs do not! They end up in the most inconvenient places - on your clothes, the carpet, the furniture... I've even had some magnetize to my dinner someway, somehow!

The truth is, just like our own hair, our dog's hair has a magnetic force. You know that old trick when you rub a balloon on your head and your hair pulls towards the balloon? Well your dog's hair reacts the same way with objects around your house.

Here's what happens:

Your dog's hair naturally has a positive magnetic charge. As dogs move around the house, they come into contact with a variety of objects that have a negative magnetic charge like wood, metals, polyester, saran wrap, scotch tape, vinyl and more. The instant your dog's positively charged loose hairs come into contact with these objects that have a negative charge ... PRESTO! Magnetism happens and the result is dog hair EVERYWHERE!

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