Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does Dog Hair Cause Allergies?

True or false - Dog hair in your home can cause allergies.

While the answer to this question may seem like an obvious "truth," research shows that it's not necessarily the hair that causes allergic reactions.

Dog hair is not an allergen. Dogs secrete fluids and shed dander that contains the allergens. Dander is the microscopic particles of your dog's skin, fur and hair. These particles stick to walls, clothing and other surfaces. They collect each day and stay actively suspended in the air for periods of time, sometimes for several months. For those with sensitive immune systems, the result is often an allergic reaction with sneezing, stuffy nose and inflamed eyes.

Despite some of us having to deal with these symptoms, most dog lovers don't plan on parting with their canine friends anytime soon. And besides, it still wouldn't prevent us from coming into contact with pet dander. Do you know that studies have found cat and dog allergens present in 99.9% of homes including homes that have never had pets? Amazing!

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