Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Save Money on Dog Toys

Dogs love to play, but after a while they often become bored with a toy. So how do you keep your dog interested in his toys?

Many behaviorists and veterinarians recommend that you have several toys for your dog that you regularly "rotate" to keep the fun "fresh" for your dog. When your dog gets "bored" with one toy, hide it away and replace it with another toy that your dog has not seen in a while. Let him play with the "new' toy like crazy until he becomes bored with it. Then, hide that toy and reintroduce another one that you've kept hidden away.

Keep the toys rotating and it will keep the toys "new" and interesting.

How does your dog like to play? Some dogs like to cuddle, some like to chew, and some like to fetch. Many dogs enjoy mixing it up a little for variety. Figure out how your dog prefers to play and buy toys that are made for that type of play activity.

What's most important is that you choose toys that are safe - toys that your dog won't tear apart and swallow. If your dog is a hard-core destructive chewer, there is probably no safe toy that will withstand his teeth. But for most dogs, good quality durable toys do the trick.

I think it's important to stimulate your dog with several different types of toys, including toys that encourage your dog to "think". (They call these toys "intellectual toys".)

Giving your dog different types of toys for all the different ways he plays will keep him stimulated. That's important because the dog will be happier and have less behavioral problems.

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