Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dogs Love to Chew

Does your dog chew everything in sight?

I just learned that dogs generally have 28 baby teeth and 42 adult or permanent teeth. The permanent teeth include six pairs of sharp incisor teeth, which are in the front of the mouth, surrounded by two pairs of large canine teeth.

There are very few things that can challenge a dog's teeth. Dog's teeth are highly specialized structures that tear, cut and grind food into pieces small enough to swallow. Teeth also serve as weapons of offense and defense.

If you don't give your dog his own personal things to chew, he will be forced to satisfy his natural instincts by chewing the things around him. And trust me, he will find plenty of things that are pleasing to chew ... mine chewed the molding on the door frame!

Yes, dogs love to chew. It can be a very soothing activity that brings your dog a lot of comfort ... or a very dangerous one that threatens his very life. You can't change your dog's biology. The fact is, he's driven to chew.

So, find durable, safe, and chewable toys for your dog.

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