Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dogs and Car Rides

It seems to me that dogs either love car rides or hate them.

Fortunately my dog, Ebony, looks forward to car rides. She anxiously watches me when I come outside because no matter what I do, I must pass by the car. I can see the expression on her face as she watches my every move.

She asks, "Walk?" "Car Ride?"

If I walk past the car, she is immediately bounding joyfully down the road. If I open the car door, she scrutinizes me.

She asks, "Can I come, too?"

A "No" response gets a sad, poor me look. But, If I open the back of the car, she is READY for adventure. You can see the smile on her face. My buddy off to explore the world.

I feel sorry for those pet owners whose dogs get car sick or do not like traveling in cars. There must be a way to help them. Any one have some training advice?

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