Sunday, April 19, 2009

Black Dogs Less Popular?

There does seem to be an issue with the adoptability of black dogs. There are many black dogs at animal shelters. Are black dogs less adoptable?

According to Susan Smith of the Franklin County Dog Shelter, black dogs are less adoptable. Ms. Smith says, "If you have two similar dogs - one black, one light colored side-by-side with similar temperaments, both well behaved, both house broken and friendly, the light-colored dog will be adopted before the black dog".

It is known that dark hair is a dominant trait. There are more brunettes than any other hair color. Maybe, there are just more black dogs?

Mine sure is cute............

It was love at first sight!


  1. We have heard this same comment at a local animal shelter. It is a wonder why when they are so cute and lovable no matter what their color.

  2. Hi Casper,

    YES! I agree with you 100%!

  3. OK, it's time to stop this discrimination for black dogs. When women are talking, and make the comment "you know how men are", I kindly explain to them that all med are alike as all women are street-walkers. Black dogs are just as pretty as other colors. Just ask me, I'll tell you - we own one. He's well mannered, too. Just like the one in Marley and Me. But thanks to the collar from this company, and some training, we have not only a pretty dog, but an obedient one.

  4. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for sharing! Black dogs are cool :)