Monday, April 13, 2009

Dog Testiness

Does your dog test you? Does your dog constantly keep you on your toes?

I wonder if certain breeds of dogs are more testier than others. What do you think? Ebony is a cross between a Black Lab and a Border Collie. I am not sure which breed is the culprit or if it is the combination breed which accounts for her testiness.

I remember meeting a woman at the park when Ebony was a pup. She insisted that her Black Lab only behaved well walking with a "gentle leader." So I bought one! It worked somewhat, but at about a year old I tried the electronic training collar on her. SUCCESS STORY!

Yet, she still tests me. Each morning when we go for our walk, she likes to inch ahead of me. I do not understand. Is this a test? Or is it that important to her to be in the front? She reminds me of children.

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