Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exercise, Exercise, and More Exercise

The opportunity to get adequate exercise is arguably one of the most important aspects of environmental enrichment for your dog.

Exercise is not only fun but it also generates mental dividends that last daylong.

Most people think they are doing the right thing for their dog if they take him for a mile walk every day, or turn him out in the back yard to sniff around when nature calls, but that is merely scratching the surface.

Twenty to thirty minutes of aerobic (running) exercise is minimal for a healthy dog.

This can be provided by throwing a tennis ball or a Frisbee for the dog to catch, or by taking him for a jog or an off-lead hike over open terrain. Even this level of exercise may not be enough for some young, highly energetic, athletic dogs.

As long as a dog is physically capable, the more exercise he gets the better.

Remember, a tired dog is a good dog! Exercise generates mood-stabilizing serotonin within the brain producing a feeling of well-being and mental stability.

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